Supplemental Math Intervention Software

Grade 5 - 7 Simulation-based Program

Action Math Baseball software is uniquely designed to advance students math skills — whether to supplement the core classroom or benefit from intervention support. This innovative middle-school math program uses scaffolded learning activities designed to provide students a positive learning experience. Students apply their math skills in a meaningful way as they manage their own Major League Baseball team.

Through research-tested strategies, purposeful technology, and software that guides instruction, Action Math Baseball supports your efforts to make mathematics relevant to your students.

Student-centered learning moves students from passive participants to active learners in their own discovery process. Action Math Baseball provides a flexible approach and encourages learners to become fluent in math that builds on a foundation of conceptual understanding, strategic reasoning, and problem solving.

Action Math Baseball fosters...

  • Student-centered learning
  • Authentic math fluency & assessment
  • Virtual real-world problem solving
  • Critical STEM, Century 21 and State standards
  • Gamification to motivate students
  • Cooperative learning

Action Math Baseball embraces...

  • Standard-based learning
  • Self-paced instruction
  • State aligned formative assessment reports
  • Immediate feedback with corrective feedback
  • Cloud-based technology (desktop, laptop, tablet or iPad)
  • Advanced item types (avoids multiple-choice questions)