Action Math Baseball is a learning simulation engaging students in meaningful math activitie GRADES 5-8

Online Learning Simulation that helps students achieve in math!

2022 Finalist in the CODiE Awards

Action Math Baseball is a web-based simulation learning module that enriches math instruction by engaging students in grades 5-8 in a real-world project. Each student in the class manages their own All-Star Baseball team with the goal of making their team the most powerful batters in the League. In accomplishing this goal, students are presented a rich collection of authentic math activities covering over thirty key standards taught in Grades 5-7.

This self-guided program received recognition from the CODiE Awards as a Finalist in 2022 for “Best Gamification for Learning”.

Why adopt this Program? Learning Simulations are powerful learning tools under utilized in middle school classrooms. Having students apply what they have been taught is an important component of the learning process and is often not part of the core math program. In addition, many math skills are abstract and have little or no connection to a student’s day to day activities. Action Math Baseball brings relevance to the math skills being taught as students need to apply these skills to achieve the goal of the Simulation.

Action Math Baseball is a full-featured learning simulation module that has been designed to provide a positive learning environment that:

  1. Helps students improve their math skills
  2. Leverages sound learning methods
  3. Focuses on student centered learning
  4. Harnesses Internet software technology
  5. Tracks and reports student progress
  6. Employs gamification to motivate students
  7. Fosters self-paced guided learning

This simulation module is a paradigm shift in the learning approach providing students with meaningful learning activities that reinforces their problem solving, computational, fluency and appreciation of mathematics. Augmenting the core math program with Action Math Baseball allows advanced, on-grade level or below grade level students to find purpose in what they have learned as they participate in this real-life activity.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Benefits of the Program

eLEARNster, an educational software company, recognized the value of Action Math Baseball (formerly Fantasy Baseball) and implemented an online version. Using the power of the Internet, the Program leverages many sound learning methods that creates a positive learning environment promoting student growth and participation.

  • Fosters student-centered learning
  • Significantly improves math skills
  • Accommodates differences in learning styles
  • Self-paced activities with corrective feedback helping all students succeed
  • Reinforces computation, math fluency and higher-order thinking skills
  • Engages students with gamification showing the relevance of real-world math
  • Seamlessly tracks, scores and reports student and class progress
  • Supports blended learning with optional lesson plans
  • Increases math difficulty gradually over time

Action Math Baseball was a Finalist in the CODiE Awards for 2022 for the Best Gamification in Learning .

CODiE Award Finalist, 2022

Description of the Program

Action Math Baseball is a simulation learning module that enriches math instruction by engaging students in grades 5-8 in a real-world project. Each student in the class manages their own All-Star Baseball team with the goal of making their team the most powerful batters in the League. In accomplishing this goal, students are presented a rich collection of authentic math activities covering over thirty key standards taught in Grades 5-7.

The simulation includes all thirty Major League Baseball teams, their players and batting statistics. Each year, the software is updated to include the starting lineup for each MLB team and their most recent batting stats. Students are challenged with the following activities:

  • Analyze batting stats to select each player’s best year.
  • Build probability wheel representing the likelihood of 8 batting outcomes.
  • Apply batting order guidelines to optimize runs.
  • Draft new players to improve their All-Star team.
  • Virtually play against All-Star teams in your league.
  • Virtually play against all 30 Major League Baseball teams.
  • Improve your team’s ranking in class or school Leaderboard.
  • Improve your team’s ranking on the AMB National Leaderboard.

For students to achieve a sound solution to the math portion of the simulation, a minimum of twenty class periods is recommended. (Game play can be done outside of the classroom.) Please note that research studies have shown that Action Math baseball improves both girls and boys math skills and that the simulation engages and motivates students to be active participants. Finally, teachers and students not familiar with baseball are carefully stepped through the rules and formulas of baseball to ensure all participants can find succeed in solving the simulation.


Click here to visit our Training Center to review our collection of videos to train Teachers and Students on how to use Action Math Baseball. Webinar software training is optional since teachers and students can learn the software through the videos provided.


Teachers and students have unlimited access 24/7 to Amazon Web Servers with customer service available throughout the implementation of the Program. All active tokens expire within one year.

Single Student Edition:$9.95

Classroom Edition:

Number of
per Student
2 through 24$9.75
25 through 99$9.25
100 through 399$8.75
400 through 999$8.25
This effective simulation captures the attention of your students

Program Linked to Math Standards

The activities in Action Math Baseball are linked to key math standards. Click here to view the alignment of Key Math Standards.

As students interact with the simulation, the software automatically tracks and measures their performance. Depending on the difficulty level selected, the program covers math standards taught in Grades 5 through 7. Scroll and click the curriculum topics below to view the variety of learning activities presented.

The Number System

Ratios and Proportions

Measurement & Data


Statistics and Probability


Estimation Problem

Each activity is immediately scored with instructional feedback that guides the student to the correct answer. The program uses videos, gadgets, visual graphics and hints to help the student proceed through the program independently. Achievement badges are earned based on cumulative points earned with partial credit available for problems that require assistance.

Bronze Award



Silver Award



Gold Award



Platinum Award



Diamond Award



Easy and Intuitive

The software is easy to use for both teachers and students with unlimited access 24/7 via Amazon Web Services. There are several on-demand video tutorials that guide teachers and students through the interface as well as mini tutorials to help students with the math formulas.

This Internet Program can be accessed from a variety of hardware options. Desktop Windows (Windows 10+), Desktop Macs (OS 10.7+), Chromebooks or Android Tablets (HTML5 with minimum display of 9.7") and iPads (OS 15.7+).

The Digital Stadium manages the baseball rules using controls and animation to monitor games. The Scoreboard displays team rosters, batting lineup, hits, runs and outs throughout the virtual game.

From Day One, we're ready to work closely with you to help deliver the best possible learning experience. And Customer Support is available throughout your implementation at no additional charge.

Digital Stadium

Digital Stadium

Recognition of the Negro Leagues

The Negro Leagues began in 1920 and became a catalyst for economic growth across the country helping to spark social change. In recognition of the Negro League players being elevated to MLB status, nine players featured in the Negro League Baseball Museum's Field of Legends are included in the simulation.

Track Student Progress

The simulation tracks student interaction over time and automatically scores student progress on key math standards. The assessment is authentic and applies a variety of interactive item types commonly used in assessment systems.

The grading system is designed to motivate all students. All problems presented include software assistance that will guide students to the correct solution. As students progress through the simulation, they receive either full or partial credit depending on their reliance on corrective feedback. As credits accumulate, students progress from Novice to Junior, Intermediate, Advanced and finally Expert. Students receive an “Achievement Badge” that corresponds to the level that they have earned.

Students can keep track of their own progress while teachers can access on-demand reports for individual and classroom performance on key math strands and standards. The reporting system replaces “tests” with transparent tracking of keystroke and mouse clicks that seamlessly score each student’s performance on the math standards.

Three standard-based reports are available to teachers to track student and classroom progress.

  • Class Strand Report
  • Student Strand Report
  • Student Standards Report
Sample student report

The software includes many sophisticated math gadgets that help students throughout the simulation. Below are a couple of examples.

On-board Protrator

The On-board Protractor assists the student in creating a probability wheel of the likelihood for each batting outcome. These probability wheels are used when the student virtually plays against MLB teams or their All-Star teammates.

The On-board Calculator assists in the calculation of baseball statistics by displaying the formula, the variable values with automatic rounding and insertion into the spreadsheet. These features are gradually removed as the student demonstrates proficiency.

Program Demonstrates Growth

Furman Educational Resources conducted a research study to evaluate the impact of Action Math Baseball on students in Grades 5-8. The chart summarizes the data and demonstrated a consistent increase in math achievement across all strand areas.

Bar chart showing an increase in math achievement across all strand areas

A second research study conducted in 2018 involving 890 students showed:

  • Girls and boys demonstrated significant growth in math skills.
  • The Program motivated both girls and boys.
  • Students worked at their own pace.
  • Low performing students achieved success.

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Action Math Baseball is a simulation-based learning software designed to supplement the core math curriculum for students in Grades 5-8. This innovative program uses scaffolded learning activities designed to provide students a positive learning experience. It is engaging to both girls and boys and requires no background knowledge of baseball.

Although the program is self paced, plan on students spending about twenty class periods to achieve a sound solution to the simulation. The game-play portion is another 8+ hours but can be accomplished outside the classroom. Optional lessons provide blended learning activities. Students in Grade 6 or higher should be able to complete the simulation independently with guidance from the teacher.

This program is COPPA compliant (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and adheres to federal law that regulates the collection and storage of personal data of children under 13 years old. Also, the software offers keyboard accessibility to ensure all students have access to information without requiring a mouse.

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